Security Management & Consulting

    A​daptive Insight provides security management and consulting services to both governemnt and private industry clients.   As problems become increasingly more complex, Adaptive Insight will position itself to work with clients and bring together the appropriate team to identify and implement a solution that is cost effective, sustainable for the long term, and is in line with client’s goals, objectives, and most pressing needs. Our core capabilities include the following:

    1. Project, Program, & Portfolio Management Support
    2. Critical Infrastructure Protection Integrated Solutions
    3. Cybersecurity Compliance & Risk Management Consulting
    4. Collaborative Planning Support
    Implementing industry and Adaptive Insight best practices for managing complex and challenging programs and projects. 
    Helping clients understand, prepare, and adapt to asymetric threats to US and international critical infrastucture sectors.
    Providing the research and analysis to support client's cybersecurity and risk reduction requirements. 
    Coordinating and facilitating innovative planning sessions. 
    • Systems Engineering and Technical Assistance
    • Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)
    • Enterprise Security Risk Management (ESRM)
    • Capital Planning and Investment Controls (CPIC)
    • Systems Development & Life Cycle (SDLC) Management
    • OMB A-123 Internal   Controls

    • Maritime Cybersecurity Risk Management
    • Risk Based Security Assessments
    • Integrated Security Planning and Training Solutions
    • Adaptive Security Project   and Program Management
    • Industrial Control Systems Security Assessments
    • Exercise Planning and Implementation 
    • ​Intelligence Based Enterprise Security 
    • Cybersecurity Threat Intelligence Planning 
    • Risk Management Framework Implementation 
    • Risk Assessments 
    • Risk Mitigation Startegies ​
    • Business Imapct Analysis
    • Business Continuity Planning
    • Cybersecurity policy, regulations and legal compliance requirments ​​​
    • Concept Development
    • Technology Transfer
    • Strategic Planning
    • Risk Assessments 
    See Capabilities - NAICS Descriptions